29 July 2020

What concessions will be found in Unlock-2, maybe tomorrow the government can announce

Decision to start theater and gym may be taken: Cinema hall may be opened with Rs 100 per cent seats Approved: Tourist destinations still unlikely to open
What concessions will be found in Unlock-2, maybe tomorrow the government can announce

As the unlock-run deadline expires on July 31 and Unlock-2 is to be implemented from August 1, discussions have started on how much concession will be given in Unlock-2. Unlock-II is coming to an end on May 31 amid a steady increase in cases. With more than 200 positive cases of corona being registered in Kutch in July, all eyes are now on what the government will decide. According to known details, theater may be started in the country including Gujarat. Along with that Jim is also likely to get approval. The government held a meeting with theater administrators. The administrators demanded to start a theater with 50 per cent seats. But the gym is also likely to start if the government plans to start a theater with Rs 100 per cent seats.

However, for the last five months people have not been able to travel anywhere and now people are slowly moving out of the house. No decision has been taken yet on whether to start tourist destinations in Teva. But given the current situation, it is unlikely that tourist destinations will open. However, the government is likely to announce the Unlock-2 guideline tomorrow.

09 July 2020

BSNL launches plan, get 5GB data and unlimited calling every day with 90 days validity

BSNL launches Dhansu Plan, with 5 days data and unlimited calling per day with 90 days validity

BSNL launches plan, get 5GB data and unlimited calling every day with 90 days validity

BSNL has come up with a special plan for people working from home.  BSNL has introduced a prepaid plan of Rs 599, which will offer 5GB of data per day.  The benefits of this new prepaid plan of BSNL can be availed all over the country (except Mumbai and Delhi).  Apart from data benefits, other benefits are also being availed in this scheme.

What will be found in this pack?

 This pack is valid for 90 days.  Of these, 250 minutes per day is available for voice calling on all networks across the country.  You will also get 5 GB of high speed data and 100 free SMS per day.  After 5GB of daily data is exhausted, the data speed will be reduced to 80 kbps.

BSNL launched a new Rs 2,399 scheme in May.  In this plan, users will get the benefit of unlimited calling for 600 days.  No telecom company offers such a long plan.  However, there is no data benefit in this plan.  That is, the plan is for users who do not use the Internet.  He will receive 100 SMS per day.  The longest recognized plan comes with a daily FUP limit of 250 minutes.
No other telecom company offers 5GB of daily data

 Other telcos like Geo, Vodafone and Airtel are only offering their prepaid users up to 3GB of daily data.  No company is offering 5GB of data.

About - BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited)

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, d/b/a BSNL is an Indian state-owned telecommunications company, headquartered in New Delhi, Delhi, India. It was incorporated by Government of India on 1 October 2000. It provides mobile voice and internet services through its nationwide telecommunications network across India.

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28 June 2020

Government's big announcement: No August 15 but no school-college will open till this date

school-college will open till this date

Everything was stalled due to the lockdown amid the current Corona epidemic.  All the people had left work and stayed at home so that the corona would not be transmitted and people would stay healthy.  At the present time, factories and businesses have reopened several months before the unlock.  And people are back to their work.  The big question is when schools and colleges will open at this time.  Then Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama made an announcement.

 Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama announced the closure of schools and colleges across the state of Gujarat till August 15.  Following the official announcement by the Gujarat State Government, educational institutions will no longer be open till the Independence Day.

 Given the current state of the corona virus epidemic, it is likely that schools will not be open until October.  Reports have surfaced that the Ministry of Human Resource Development has decided not to reopen the schools until October after discussions with health experts, although no official statement has been released by either the government or the ministry.

 The Ministry of Human Resource Development is currently emphasizing the need to encourage online study due to the Corona epidemic.  Schools have been instructed to start online classes as well as to engage students.  The ministry had earlier said that the schools would be opened by August.

 Currently, cases of corona virus are increasing very fast in Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra and some other states.  In the midst of this situation, the ministry has now given indications that schools will not be reopened until October.  It is reported that this decision is being taken for the health of the students and to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  Efforts are also being made to ensure that the future of the students is not ruined and that they also get proper online education.  In the midst of this situation, online studies have been started in Kendriya Vidyalayas as per the order issued by the ministry.  In the meantime, the task of preparing notes etc. has also been entrusted.

 Currently, cases are on the rise in Delhi, prompting the state government to decide not to open schools in Delhi till July 31.  The announcement was made by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.  He said that the Delhi government was considering a 50 per cent reduction in the curriculum for students so that the burden on students could be eased.  The government is also involving the parents of the students and taking their opinion on the whole situation.

25 June 2020

Forgive the electricity bill of the state's residential electricity consumers, find out if you will get the benefit or not

Electricity bill of the state's residential electricity consumers

The state government has announced a self-sufficient Gujarat relief package of Rs 14,000 crore to revive Gujarat against the Corona virus. The announcement was made by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. The government has tried to cover all classes of people in this advertisement. The announcement was made by the state government to revive the economy after the damage caused to Gujarat by the Corona virus and lockdown.

The package will waive 100-unit electricity bills of residential electricity consumers consuming less than 200 units per month. Hence Rs. About 92 lakh electricity consumers in the state will get the benefit of Rs 600 crore electricity bill waiver. The government has passed a resolution in this regard. Which will benefit customers in the next bill.

Gujarat government announcement 100 unit light bill waiver Implementation gujarat

The benefit of this relief will be given in the next bill to the small and middle class residential electricity consumers who are eligible from all the power distribution companies in the state of Gujarat. The financial burden for this relief will be paid by the state government to the power distribution companies.

This is how 100 units will be calculated
As per this resolution of the State Government, the difference between the last meter reading before the lockdown of residential electricity consumers and the subsequent first meter reading in daily power consumption is multiplied by its 30 days. And such electricity customers will get maximum 100 units and one month fixed charge waiver.

24 June 2020

Gujarat Government announces self-reliant Gujarat Sahay Yojana-2, loan up to 2.5 lakh at 4% interest

Gujarat Government announces self-reliant Gujarat Sahay Yojana-2, loan up to 2.5 lakh at 4% interest

 Following the economic challenge posed by the lockdown and Corona, the Gujarat government today announced Part 2 of the Self-Reliant Gujarat Assistance Scheme.  Under the Rs 5,000 crore relief scheme, the government will provide loans of up to Rs 1.5 lakh to small traders as well as other middle-income earners at an interest rate of 4 per cent without any guarantee.

 The government had earlier announced concessional loans of up to Rs 1 lakh to low-income small shopkeepers, artisans and others, the distribution of which was started in co-operative banks and people lined up to take it.
Under Self Help Scheme-1 Rs.

 People from all over Gujarat had lined up at the co-operative banks to get loan forms at two per cent interest up to Rs 1 lakh, but most of them returned to Villa Mo without getting the forms.  In Ahmedabad, a number of cooperative banks including Gujarat State Cooperative Bank and Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank have Rs.  Thousands of people lined up to get loans of up to Rs 1 lakh, but could not get forms from many co-operative banks.  It was also learned that some banks had given out computer prints to them as the forms were not printed due to the lockdown.

 There were small lines in different parts of Gujarat to take the form.  But the form could not be found.  On the other hand, to make small traders self-reliant, the government has taken a stand not to give six per cent interest subsidy to co-operative banks if they do not pay regular installments.  Is gone.  Loan installments given to small men are likely to not be paid regularly.  In these circumstances, if the government does not provide six per cent interest subsidy to the banks, they may lose capital as well as interest subsidy.

Loans for the co-operative sector can be difficult for you as there is a provision in the GR of the Gujarat government on the issue of non-payment of interest subsidy to non-payers.  A number of banks could not provide the forms to those who went to take loans to one lakh small artisans as the forms were not printed.  There are also reports that some banks have prepared the form on computer and printed it out and given it to the applicants.  It is learned that only Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank was able to provide this form.  Second, the artisans gave them Rs.  They are coming to take the form with the misconception of getting financial assistance up to Rs 1 lakh.
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         ગુજરાતમાં માહિતી માટે

 But they are being given loans.  Applicants for each loan should understand that it is not government assistance.  He will have to repay it with eight per cent interest.  The government will then deposit six per cent interest subsidy in their account.  If they do not pay regular installments, they will not be given interest subsidy.  Co-operative sector leaders say they have demanded the repeal of the government's condition that artisans and traders do not pay interest subsidy if they do not pay regular installments.  No decision has yet been taken by the government in this regard.  If the government does not take this decision, the co-operative banks may have to lose interest subsidy in addition to capital.

23 June 2020

Animals helpline number, call this number, a van will come to your house for treatment

If you want to get free treatment of animals, call this number, a van will come to your house for treatment

The Gujarat government has also started a helpline for cattle in 1962. With the help of this helpline which is open for 365 days 24 hours, the herdsmen will be able to treat their animals free of cost. State Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has started a mobile veterinary clinic for every 10 villages. Mobile van facility has been introduced from PPP model for treatment of animals.

Rupani said that there are about 3.50 crore cattle in Gujarat and this benefit has been given free of cost to the cattle breeders for their health care. He has started 108 mobile veterinary clinics across the state at an early stage. After the second phase, about 460 mobile veterinary clinics will be started across the state and about 4600 village pastoralists will get the opportunity to treat the animals at home.

A mobile veterinary clinic has been started in every 10 villages to provide free livestock treatment to the pastoralists sitting in the village by dialing 1962 toll free number. Animal Husbandry Minister Kunwarji Bawaliya said that through this scheme, free animal treatment services will be available 365 days a year from 7 am to 7 pm in the villages.

All these vehicles have GPS facility so that real time monitoring of the scheme can be done through the CM's dashboard and at the same time uninterrupted services will be available through these units in times of natural calamity. Gujarat is the first state in the country where on-call service for cattle is available immediately by calling 1962.

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                  આ પોસ્ટ ગુજરાતી મા વાચો

GVK EMRI launched MCTFC project in Partnership with MOHFW Govt. Animal Mobile Medical Ambulance through dial 1962 in the State of Tamil Nadu. on 23 Sep, 2019 offering 24-hour counselling facility on Tollfree 104 number. Govt of Gujarat launched this initiativ

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Rath Yatra LIVE

Rath Yatra LIVE: The annual lord Jagannath Yatra in Puri has started today. Idols of Lord Jagannath, Balbhadra and Subhadra are moved out of Jagannath temple and are being seated on chariots. In a good news for millions of devotees of Lord Jagannath, the Supreme Court on Monday granted permission to hold the historic historic Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath in Odisha’s Puri. Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra in Puri is happening today. There are some conditions of Rath Yatra including no attendance by general public. Earlier on June 18, SC had stayed the Puri Rath Yatra in the wake of Coronavirus Pandemic. on Monday, the SC modified its order and permitted the traditional procession of chariots after Odisha government’s stand that it will be organised in a limited way with no public attendance.

Ratha yatra, also referred to as Ratha Yatra or Chariot festival, is any public procession in a chariot.
Observances: Festival commemorates Lord Jagannatha's annual visit to Gundicha Mata temple
Ends: Ashadha Shukla Dashami
Date: Tuesday, 23 June, 2020
Featured in religions: Hinduism
Observed by: Hindus
Type of holiday: Hindu Holiday, Religious holiday, Religious celebration

rath yatra history
The Ratha Yatra of Mahesh is the second oldest chariot festival in India (after Rath Yatra at Puri) and oldest in Bengal, having been celebrated since 1396 CE. It is a month-long festival held at Mahesh in Serampore of West Bengal and a grand fair is held at that time.

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15 June 2020

Std 3 To 12 DD Girnar Time Table And Live Video

Std 3 To 12 DD Girnar Time Table And Live Video

Watch DD Girnar In Your Mobile For Online Education STD 3 to 12 Gujarat Students. DD-Girnar is the Gujarati language channel of India’s national broadcaster, Doordarshan. It is broadcast out of studios at Doordarshan Kendra (Center) in Ahmedabad in Gujarat State.

Watch DD Girnar Live In Your Mobile | DD Girnar STD 3 to 12 Online Education Time Table | DD Girnar Channel Numbers

DD Girnar Channel Numbers [Cable + Channel]

1. GTPL Cable DD Girnar Number – 275

2. Airtel DD Girnar Channel Number – 589

3. Tata SKY DD Girnar Channel Number – 1749

4. Videocon DD Girnar Channel Number – 878

5. Dish TV DD Girnar Channel Number – 1279

6. Sun DD Girnar Channel Number – 660

About DD Girnar

Watch DD Girnar Live In Your Mobile
Click Here : Live TV

DD Girnar Time Table For Std 3 To 12 Gujarat Students : Moral education can include the sanctity of human character and the development of his personality, the process of healing physically, mentally and spiritually, the quest to integrate culture and science, as well as the process of freeing man from fear, inertia and ignorance. True education is the name of the harmonious combination of science and ethics.The education system should be such that it removes all kinds of obstacles and prepares man for his responsibility with the best intelligence and self-esteem. The intellect of man today is ten.

Important List::

Online Education: View Dd Girnar From Here
Time Table : Download Time Table Here

Dr. D.S. According to Kothari, today science and technology are advancing while wisdom and wisdom are advancing. Knowledge is increasing but personality is collapsing which is causing imbalances in many areas and we are facing various disasters. This situation has forced us to think deeply about our education system.
Online Education TV channel List gujarat (Std 3 To 12 DD Girnar Time Table Online Education TV channel List Gujarat )
From June 15, educational programs for children will be aired on DD Girnar TV channel. Whose schedule will be given. Homelarning will be disseminated by the state government. Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan for 3 to 5, for GCERT for 6 to 8 and for Gujarat Std. Cooking Coast and food distribution for lunch during home learning will be done by the state government.

Std 3 To 12 DD Girnar Time Table For Education Video June 2020.
Std 3 To 12 DD Girnar Time Table Online Education TV channel List Gujarat
DD Girnar STD 3 to 12 Online Education

14 June 2020

GSEB HSC General Stream Result 2020

GSEB   HSC General Stream Result 2020

Gujarat Board will be declare GSEB HSC General Stream Result 2020 for Class 12 students on 15th June 2020 – Monday. Like all other GSEB Results, Gujarat 12th General Stream Results will be declared only online on official website at gseb.org.

GSEB HSC General Result 2020 at 8 AM, Check Gujarat Board 12th General Stream Results online at gseb.org

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HSC Result Std 12th -  click now

SSC Result Std 10th -  click now

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The result of the standard 12 general stream will be announced tomorrow

The result of the standard 12 general stream will be announced tomorrow

The result of standard 12 general stream will be announced tomorrow. Students will be able to get this result online from 8am on www.gseb.org at 8am.

As announced by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board, the result of Std. 12 general stream will be available on the Board's website from 8 am tomorrow. Apart from this the date of distribution of marksheets of the students of the board will be announced soon.

The result of Std-12 general stream will be available on the board's website at 8 am tomorrow

The state government has announced that schools and colleges in the state will remain closed till August 15. The government has made arrangements to provide education to the children through online classes and TV channels at home so that their learning is not disrupted. On Saturday, state education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama warned schools not to push for fees until September, saying legal action would be taken against anyone who pushed for school fees or other expenses. Chudasama recalled the agreement reached with the self-governing schools and hinted that action would be taken if parents had to raise fees before September.

Chudasama said some parents had complained that schools were forcing them to pay fees. The state education department negotiated with the schools in April and reached an agreement with the administrators not to increase fees during the current academic year. It was also decided to accept the fee in the same way even if the parents do not pay the fee till the month of September and do not put any pressure on the parents. Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that if schools push for fees, action will be taken against them.

13 June 2020

NFSA and non-NFSA BPL ration card holders will get free foodgrains @dcs-dof.gujarat.gov.in

NFSA and non-NFSA BPL ration card holders will get free foodgrains from 15th date @dcs-dof.gujarat.gov.in

NFSA and non-NFSA BPL ration card holders are required to meet the Prime Minister in June under the National Food Security Act and the Prime Minister's Poor Welfare Food Scheme in the lockdown announced by the government in the event of the current Koro epidemic. Chanadal will be distributed free of cost from the relevant reasonable price shop from date 15/6.
Considering the last digit of the card of NFSA (AAY and PHH) and non-NFSA BPL ration card holders, 1 will be given on 15/6, 2 will be given on 16/6, 3 will be given on 17/6, 4 will be given on 18/6, 5 will be given on 19/6 It is planned to distribute
If any beneficiary is not able to get the quantity of essential items due to him on the due date due to unavoidable circumstances, he / she will have to get it from the shop at reasonable price as early as possible from 25/6
All reasonable price shopkeepers and beneficiaries are also requested to follow the necessary guidelines to maintain social distance in case of Koro epidemic, not to spread false crowds or chaos during distribution. NFSA and noFSA BPLn-N ration card holders will be required to bring their ration card and Aadhar card or a copy of Aadhar card to get ration. In case of non-availability of Aadhaar card, the government will have to bring along valid supporting evidence. The total number of NFSA card holders in June is 203 and non-NFSA BPL is 121. The total number of ration card holders in June will be 1815 and the number will be free in June, according to the press release of District Supply Officer, Kutch-Bhuj.
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              ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે

What is NFSA ration card?
To alleviate poverty, NFSA claims right to receive food-grains at subsidized prices by persons belonging to eligible households, that is Priority House Holds (PHH) under Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS).

What is the meaning of NFSA?
The National Food Security Act, 2013 (NFSA 2013) converts into legal entitlements for existing food security programmes of the Government of India. It includes the Midday Meal Scheme, Integrated Child Development Services scheme and the Public Distribution System.

12 June 2020

Check your name list of PM Kisan Scheme @pmkisan.gov.in

Check your name list of Rs. 6000 per Annum PM Kisan Scheme
Check your name list of PM Kisan Scheme @pmkisan.gov.in

PM Kisan Scheme: Check whether your name is in the list of beneficiaries of Rs. 6000 per annum
Amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, the government is making a number of announcements to help the country's farmers. A number of schemes have also been launched which will benefit millions of farmers. But among these schemes, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is more popular than before. Under this scheme, the government deposits Rs. 6000 every year in the bank accounts of the farmers. Rupees are credited to the farmers' accounts in three installments of Rs. 2000-2000. The sixth installment of Kisan Yojana has already started accumulating.

Check your name list of PM Kisan Scheme
The benefit of the scheme is available only to the farmers who have applied for the scheme.

You can also check your name in the list of beneficiaries if you have applied. Now you can also check the list online. Check out the new list of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana 2020 by visiting pmkisan.gov.in. If you have not yet checked whether money has been credited to your account, now you can easily check.

Upload documents online
If for some reason you have not yet submitted your documents and your application has stalled, the documents can be uploaded online. Also, if you want to take advantage of the scheme, you have to log in to the website. Click in the 'Farmer Corner' tab provided. This tab gives farmers the option to register themselves in the PM Kisan Yojana.

Bug can be corrected on 'Farmer's Corner'
If you have applied before and your Aadhaar card has not been uploaded properly or for some reason the Aadhaar number has been registered incorrectly, you will also find information here. You can then correct your error. The names of the farmers who have been given the benefit of this scheme by the government can be seen by state / district / taluka / village. A complete list of all the beneficiaries has been uploaded in it. What is the status of the application. The farmer can also know the Aadhaar number / bank account number / mobile number.

Download the app
In addition, if you want to keep yourself updated with this plan, you have to click on this link pmkisan.gov.in. You can also download the PM Kisan mobile app by going to the Google Play Store.

Check your name
The first thing you have to do is go to the website pmkisan.gov.in. Here you will find the menu bar on the home page. Go to 'Farmer's Corner' here. Then click on the beneficiary list link here. Now enter your state, district, sub-district, block and village details. After doing so, click on Get Report and get the complete list

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                               1  Check your name in the list like this
                               2   ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે

About : PM- KISAN Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) is a Central Sector scheme with 100% funding from Government of India.
The Scheme is effective from 1.12.2018.
Under the Scheme an income support of Rs.6000/- per year is provided to all farmer families across the country in three equal installments of Rs.2000/- each every four months.
Definition of family for the Scheme is husband, wife and minor children.
The entire responsibility of identification of beneficiary farmer families rests with the State / UT Governments.

09 June 2020

Gas cylinder book can now be done from WhatsApp

Wow! Now you can book gas cylinder from WhatsApp, find out the details here

Gas cylinder book can now be done from WhatsApp

The Modi government will give these people 36 thousand annually

With people becoming hi-tech, companies are now leaving no stone unturned to keep their customers close. You may have heard about providing services on WhatsApp through travel portals and home appliance companies. Now gas cylinder companies have also joined this line. You can now book a gas cylinder for your home via WhatsApp rather than chatting with friends and family.

Bharat Petroleum launches WhatsApp booking
Bharat Petroleum (BPCL), the country's second largest oil marketing company, has launched a new facility for gas consumers. Now you can also book gas cylinders through WhatsApp. The facility to book gas cylinders on WhatsApp has been launched across the country. Bharat Petroleum has more than 71 million gas customers across the country. In terms of gas distribution, Bharat Petroleum is the second largest company after Indian Oil.

How to book your cylinder
According to Bharat Gas, LPG customers can book their gas cylinders on WhatsApp number 1800224344. Keep in mind, this WhatsApp number can only be booked from the same phone number that you have registered with the gas agency. After booking the cylinder on WhatsApp, a message will be sent to the customer’s phone number, in which the booking number will be entered. This message will also have a link to pay for the gas cylinder online. At this link, customers can pay the price of the cylinder from debit, credit, UPI or other online payment platform.

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