31 August 2019

Special Introduction Gijubhai Bhagwanji Badheka.

Special Introduction: Gijubhai everyone

Gijubhai Bhagwanji Badheka (1-5-6, 3-5-6): Pediatrician.  Born in Chitral (Dist. Amreli).  Primary-Secondary Education in Bhavnagar.  Matrix in 1.  After completing the year of Precious, he joined the Mumbai business firm.  Traveling in Africa  Returning from Africa in 4th and studying in Mumbai in 5th.  District High Court Pleader at Wadhwan-Camp from 1 to 5.  Teacher at Dakshinamurthy Chhatra Bhavan in Bhavnagar with an attraction towards education in 5th.  Principal of the Temple of Vineyama in 7.  The Montessori system strives for greater pedagogical development.  Ranjitram gold medal in 2.  Retired from Dakshina idol building in 5th.  Paralysis dies at Harkishadas Hospital in Mumbai

 The author, who founded the understanding of child literature in Gujarat and the systematic system of child education, nurtured the interest of the children, aroused his curiosity, informed his imagination, and the rich yet enjoyable literature is full of various forms like poetry-story-play.  Without releasing encyclopedias into the Zaza consumption, material has emerged in a simplistic and appealing way.  The kindergarten activity created by Montessori theorists has also been a motivator in all his children's literature.

 'Character of Mahatmas' (1), 'Teenagers' - Bha.  1, 2 (5, 6), 'loaf gangs' - Ph.  1, 2 (3, 4) etc. There are about six of his teenage books are known.

 There are eight booklets in each of the children's literature libraries, including observation libraries, story libraries, singing libraries, tourist libraries, life-history libraries, encyclopedic libraries, pastoral books, and biographical books.

 There are twenty-five books in 'Children's Literature' such as 'Red and Diamonds', 'Dadaji's Sword', 'Chatur Spider';  So 'Children's Literature' - there are twenty-eight books in congregation: 1 and there are fourteen books in congregation: 1.  In addition, there are twenty-four other childbooks that can be said to be important, such as the characters of 'Esop' - the donkey '(1),' the story of Esopak '(3), the' voyage to Africa '(2).

 Fifteen books like 'The Scriptures of the Story' (2), 'Montessori Method' (2), 'This is what I learned?' (2), 'If you are a teacher' (2) and 'A peek into child life' (2),  Twenty-three booklets such as 'Vampires of Education' (1), 'Naughty Children' (2), 'Go to the Hospital, Chadio' (2) are named after him.  Under the Literacy Scheme, useful books like 'Read More', Book 1-6, 'Why Teach' (1), 'Let's Read' (3) and also some of the most popular books like 'Pataladani Virangana' (3), 'Evening Mojo'.  They have given.

 'Occasional Meditation' (3), 'Quiet Moments' (3) etc. is his contemplation.

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