22 April 2020

Aarogy Setu Aap

District Administration-Ranchi has been on the front foot to combat Covid-19 pandemic from the very beginning. They started taking immediate measures, such as placing adequate checkpoints at areas that were exposed to people travelling in from outside Ranchi and planned to work on preventive measures instead of the curative ones.

The administration began its work by outlining a plan and releasing guidelines on Covid-19 preparedness. These guidelines had information on all the sub-groups defined by the administration and gave their interventions a structure.
Upon testing a formulation and being sure of its quality, they initiated the next step to institutionalise the process. After looking through the district, research laboratories and others organisations were invited for a meeting, who had storage capacities and had usage license to ethanol. A research laboratory with suitable requisites was finalised and requisitioned under DDMA. Thus, the first batch of 150 liters of hand sanitiser was produced. After an overnight battle of getting it right, our first batch was dispatched to BIT Mesra for approval.
At BIT Mesra, the Department of Chemical Engineering certified that ethanol meets the required production standards and a certificate of approval was provided. In order to evaluate whether the plant meets the given standards, professors from BIT Mesra were invited to visit the plant and check the production quality of the product. The professors played an inevitable role in the quality control of the product. Upon verification, the following distributive batches were delivered. The product was delivered to Sadar Hospital, Private Hospitals, Front Line Workers, Police, Army and the public. On the first two days, around 10,000 liters each were distributed and now, close to 7,000 liters of hand rub is being sent out every day. The beneficiaries aren’t just limited to Ranchi as various other districts, such as Jamshedpur, Dumka, Godda, Gumla, Garhwa, Pakur are reaping the benefits. Soon, the distribution of hand sanitisers will be extended to Rohtas District in Bihar, Aurangabad District in Bihar and West Sikkim.
Next in line, conceived of a similar situation, was the production of face masks. The District Administration-Ranchi collaborated with small textile factories and asked them to produce face masks followed by the process of sterilization of masks. To cater to the immediate need of face masks in the city, the 7-8 days long sterilisation process was altered to masks being dipped in Formalin solution to disinfect and sterilise

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