18 April 2020

Ramayana's Love-Kush is doing such a great job today, knowing that you too will be shocked

Find out what Love Kush is doing today in India's most popular serial Ramayana

 Currently, the Ramayana is once again being released on Darshan and the viewers are watching it.  Today, Darshan's show has become the biggest TRP show.  Darshan has not had such success in the past.  But it seems as if the era of television has begun once again.  No other serial has been able to find the success of Ramayana since the retaliation.  Currently, the Ramayana Sagar Ramayana is breaking all records on the small screen.
The characters of the show, as well as the actors who played it, are once again alive.  And they have come back to life.  People are now remembering that some of them were thrown into anonymity.  It may be curious to know what he is doing right now in this serial, which is the role of Ram-Sita's grandson, Love-Kush.
In this serial, Love-Kush was played by two Marathi children.  The names were Swapnil Joshi and Mayuresh Kshatradev.  Today is 33 years since Ramayana was first introduced.  So these children must have entered their forties.
The other artist is currently in New Jersey and the CEO of a large company.  He decided to quit acting after concentrating as a child artist in Ramayana and concentrate on studying.  However, at present he is also a good writer and together with two foreign writers he has authored a book called Spit and Development.

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