20 April 2020

Relief / Corona crisis brings good news, important announcement for tobacco cultivating farmers

Relief / Corona crisis brings good news, important announcement for tobacco cultivating farmers

Important news for farmers cultivating tobacco has come amidst the outcry of Corona virus in Gujarat. CMO Secretary Ashwini Kumar today announced the importance. From tomorrow, an account of 66 lakh people will cost Rs. 1000 will start depositing while business, business and units will be allowed to start in some districts. If a computer operator, a Tolart, and a license holder working at a cheap grain shop die from Corona, then 25 lakh families will be helped.

Determined vehicle fines limit
Incomplete projects will be allowed in City Limited
An important advertisement for farmers who grow tobacco
25 lakh assistance to the family if these people die from coronas

If a government employee dies while on duty, he will get 25 lakhs. But by provision of it, more than 17,000 brothers working at a cheap grain shop have announced that they will also assist the family of 2.5 lakhs in case of death due to the transmission of corona to the sisters. The people of Gujarat, who worked at a cheap grain shop, computer operators, and Tollart, were also killed by Covid 19 during the distribution system. 25 lakh.

Ashwini Kumar said that the purchase of tobacco crops will be started in APMC. 8 Municipal corporation, 162 NPA will not get approval for industries at present. The collector will be allowed only by the industry outside the city. The enterprises of big and small cities cannot start.

Incomplete projects will be allowed in City Limited

Government projects can also be started in urban areas. Approval will be granted only if there is arrangement to hire workers in private projects. Bus facilities will not be started for employees of the Secretariat coming to Gandhinagar. Point bus service will not start. Initially, employees living in Gandhinagar will be on duty.

CM to launch tomorrow at Chhotaudepur, Panchamahal

1000 will be deposited in the account of 66 lakh cardholders from Monday. No need to fill out any form for depositing Rs. General Chat Chat Lounge 1 thousand deposits will be deposited in NFSA card holders account in Dhod, Sabarkantha, Arvalli, Ocean. 25 lakhs is a relief if the cheap grain holders die from coronas.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે ક્લિક કરો
Determined vehicle fines limit

The penalty limit for vehicles that are detained has been fixed. If there is a two-wheeler, a fine of Rs 500 will be charged. If caught with a four wheeler, a fine of 1000 will be charged.

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