08 April 2020

The largest scheme for ( poor-500, farmer-2000, labor-1000 assistance ) by the Modi government india

scheme for 500, 2000, 1000

Due to Corona’s outrage, the central government is currently announcing a lockdown all over the country. As a result, people’s business is closed. So that people are facing economic crisis. The state government has made a big decision to provide relief to the people.

No penalty is charged
At a meeting of CM Roopani’s chair, it was decided that everyone in the state would have to pay their March and April bills on May 15. Maybe if a person pays late, no penalty will be levied on him. Also, its connection cannot be cut off.
People have to pay for consumption
In addition, CM Rupani said that people are suffering from economic collapse due to the closure of trade in the present. If the fixed charges are not taken in the bill, then only people will have to pay the consumption amount. The meeting, chaired by the CM, was attended by Energy Minister Saurabh Patel, Home Minister Pradeep Singh, Chief Secretary Anil Mukim.
Gujarat Government’s strong preparations to fight Corona
The number of corona-positives has reached 44 in Gujarat. A 37-year-old man has reported a positive case of Corona at Rajkot today. What is shocking is that the newly reported case in Rajkot is spread by local transmission ie infection with each other which is really worrying. There are currently 44 positive cases registered in the state. A total of 15 cases have been registered in Ahmedabad city and rural areas. So even though people are still quarantined, they violate it so that a total of 236 complaints have been registered. One of the few relief news for Gujarat is that four Covid Hospital is ready. 156 ventilators have been ordered. None of the patients are currently on ventilator.

How to Avoid Stress in the Corona Environment
Have a full day activity plan
Be aware but stay away from excessive viral messages
Trust only reliable media information
Stop spreading rumors
Check forwarded messages before sharing
Use caution but do not panic
Avoid Negative Thoughts
Play indoor games with family
Learn new things through the Internet
Do Meditation at Home
Do homework exercises and yoga
Help families with homework
Read favorite books or listen to music
Make a new dish
Stay away from overthinking
Make video calls with friends
Talk to a neighbor from a distance         

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Informing about this, the state health secretary Jayanti Ravi informed that all four Covid hospitals have been prepared. Now any new patients who come in will be kept in the new Covid Hospital from today. 156 ventilators have been ordered and will arrive. Corona virus isolation wards have been created according to the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. Not a single patient currently needs ventilator.

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