14 April 2020

The Modi government has prepared a 3L formula, the country will be divided into three zones

The 3-day lockdown in the country is set to end today due to the Corona virus and the lockdown imposed in the country on April 7 will be completely over.  However, the number of cases of corona virus has not decreased in the country and the death toll has increased by 6 due to corona virus.  The corona virus has not slowed down even after the lockdown.  Which raises a single question in everyone's mind, should such a lockdown period be extended?

 Many state chief ministers have extended lockdown period in their states and declared lockdown in their states till April 7.  But what is the central government's decision on lockdown.  It will be important to watch.  It is believed that the central government has introduced a new strategy to control the corona virus and now the corona virus will be fought under this strategy.  For Lockdown 2.0, the Modi government can adopt a strategy created by the World Health Organization (WHO).  Under this strategy, WHO has proposed a 3L formula to the government.

 What is a Formula?

 It is believed that the lockdown will be removed in several stages and the country will be divided into three zones.  Which will be the Green, Orange and Red zones.  Red, Orange and Green zones will be created according to Corona's transition level.

 Red Zone

 Those districts of the country will be kept in this zone, where there are hotspot areas of Corona and where the transition is spreading rapidly.  In such districts, everything will be closed ie school-college, air travel, rail and bus services will not be started.

 Orange zone

 In districts where new patients are not coming and coronary infections are not coming.  It will be placed in the Orange Zone.  This type of zone will be relaxed and public transport can also be started.

 Green Zone

 Where no single corona case has been reported, it will be considered a green zone.  Business activities will start in such districts and markets can be opened.

 The sanctions will continue

 Under the 3L formula, people will be given some relief.  But restrictions on social, political, religious and sporting events will be mandatory.  Cinema halls, malls, parks, tourist places, religious places, educational institutions will also be closed.

 The central government has made complete preparations to implement this formula and it can be implemented shortly.  However, many state chief ministers have asked PM Modi to continue the lockdown.  But the lockdown is doing a lot of damage to the country.  In this case the 3L formula could prove to be a better alternative to lockdown and the government could apply it across the country

મોદી સરકારે તૈયાર કર્યો 3L ફોર્મુલા, દેશને ત્રણ ઝોનમાં વહેંચવામાં આવશે

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