22 April 2020

This business started from just 2 lakhs, today it is earning in crores. Read on to learn something new

We live in a world where we judge people by their clothes.  When it comes to impressing someone or making a very good impression on someone, we wear tightly ironed clothes, which means that the role of clothes in such a situation becomes very important.  Whether it's a baby or a woman or a man, everyone likes to wear clean and ironed clothes.
Sandhya states: “We want to provide all our customers with tightly crafted and ironically arranged clothes, so that they have the same aroma as new clothes.  Laundry is a largely unorganized sector in India.  Professional attention has not been paid to this area.  We want to simplify this process with ironing, which will bring customers happiness and satisfaction. '

 Nambiar was originally educated in Madurai and Coimbatore in the evening of Kerala.  She has an MBA in HR with a study of visual communication.  "For the last seven-eight years, I have been working as an HR in a well-known multi-national company in South India," says Sandhya.

 He says that after getting married, he had many responsibilities.  My goal was to make my life easier.  I get all the services sitting at home.  No need to go out on Saturday evenings, or if there is more work in the house then I can rest.  Working hours were from 9am to 7pm, so washing and ironing was always a hassle.  I was getting service from parlor to cleaning at home

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