25 June 2020

Forgive the electricity bill of the state's residential electricity consumers, find out if you will get the benefit or not

Electricity bill of the state's residential electricity consumers

The state government has announced a self-sufficient Gujarat relief package of Rs 14,000 crore to revive Gujarat against the Corona virus. The announcement was made by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. The government has tried to cover all classes of people in this advertisement. The announcement was made by the state government to revive the economy after the damage caused to Gujarat by the Corona virus and lockdown.

The package will waive 100-unit electricity bills of residential electricity consumers consuming less than 200 units per month. Hence Rs. About 92 lakh electricity consumers in the state will get the benefit of Rs 600 crore electricity bill waiver. The government has passed a resolution in this regard. Which will benefit customers in the next bill.

Gujarat government announcement 100 unit light bill waiver Implementation gujarat

The benefit of this relief will be given in the next bill to the small and middle class residential electricity consumers who are eligible from all the power distribution companies in the state of Gujarat. The financial burden for this relief will be paid by the state government to the power distribution companies.

This is how 100 units will be calculated
As per this resolution of the State Government, the difference between the last meter reading before the lockdown of residential electricity consumers and the subsequent first meter reading in daily power consumption is multiplied by its 30 days. And such electricity customers will get maximum 100 units and one month fixed charge waiver.

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